All Bollywood Actors Heights


Height plays avery important role in any one’s life. Bollywood Industry is also not free from this Height issue. Some Time surely you taught of Tallest Bollywood Actor specially when you think about Bollywood Industry‘s Living Legend Amitabh Bachchan’s Height. Do You know how tall Amitabh Bachchan is and how much his Son Abhishek Bachchan is tall???

Don’t Worry we are here with Below is the List Of Height Of Bollywood Actors. Indian Film Industry is a place where there is no need to be youngest but your height must be good one and these days another factor coming into play is physic. Give a look on heights of Bollywood Heroes.

All Bollywood Actors Heights:

Amitabh Bachchan- 6???3???

Abhishek Bachchan 6’1″

Vinod Khanna- 6???0

Shatrughan Sinha- 6???1

Akshay Kumar- 6???0

Arjun Rampal 5’11.5″

Ajay Devgan 5’9″

Anil Kapoor 5’9″

Ashmit Patel 5’11”

Jackie Shroff- 6???0

Bobby Deol -6???0

Sunil Shetty- 5″11.5

Sunny Deol -5″11

Anil Kapoor -5″11

Akshaye Khanna- 5″9

Salman Khan -5″8.5

Saif Ali Khan -5″8

Govinda -5″8

Shahrukh Khan -5″8

Rishi Kapoor- 5″7.5

Amir Khan -5″6

John Abraham 5’11.5″

Hrithik Roshan 5’10”

Vivek Oberoi 5’10”

Mohnish Behl 5’7″

Neil Nitin Mukesh 5’8″

Karan Johar 5’9″

Uday Chopra 5’6″

Shahrukh Khan 5’7.5″

Saif Ali Khan 5’7″

Salman Khan 5’5.5″

Imran Khan 5’9″

Rajpal Yadav 5’2″

Govinda 5’5.5″

Arshad Warsi 5’5″

Shahid Kapoor 5’7″

Ranbir Kapoor 5’11”

Zayed Khan 5’11

Heights of Indian Celebs listed above are very real, but still if you find some Mistake Please Let Us know if you find some Mistake in above List Of Height Of Bollywood Actors.


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