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Mohenjo Daro – First Look, Star Cast, poster and trailer

In 2016 B.C., a farmer in the Indus Valley travels to a city and saves the life of a beautiful woman.

Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Mohenjo Daro is all set to hit the silver screen and as with most historical movies in India, questions are already being asked about how the 3000-year-old civilisation will be depicted in the film. While we can fully expect that there will be no end to critical analysis of this film, there are a few things one might want to know about one of the first civilisations known to have thrived upon the Indian subcontinent.

Initial release: August 12, 2016 (USA)
Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Budget: 2.1 billion INR
Music director: A. R. Rahman

Before we delve into the story of Mohenjo Daro, we need to keep in mind that when it comes to the historicity of a period like the Indus Valley civilisation, almost nothing can be said with full surety. Apart from the fact that a lot perhaps remains to be excavated about this era, the real challenge with research on this period is the fact that even though written records are available, they have not been deciphered. Hence, whatever we know about Mohenjo Daro is based upon archaeological excavations which primarily includes artifacts like pots, seals, beads, terracotta, stone and metal figurines or fossils of animals and humans.


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